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Online thesis defense
August 25, 2021, Doctor of Business Administration Program, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, o ...
2021-09-09 13:14:34
Academic Affairs Subcommittee No. 4/21, College of Logistics and Supply Chain Meeting
On June 30, 2021, Mr. Supamit Srisawat, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs presided over the online ...
2021-08-11 14:24:50
Practical training on developing entrepreneurs to become smart SMEs and global SMEs
On 24 June 2021, Mr. Pitipot Saelek, lecturer of Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Distance Edu ...
2021-07-12 03:25:06
U2T activities to solve COVID-19 (U2T COVID-19 week)
On May 28, 2021, Mr. Phutthiwat Waiyawuththanapoom, Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs ...
2021-07-12 03:10:26
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