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Logistics Management Course (Distance Education)

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2021-08-11 14:34:59

Logistics Management Course (Distance Education)

Launching now!

♦ Logistics Management Course (Distance Education) Batch 1st has started ♦

Logistics Management Course (Distance Education) Batch 1st has organized an activity to clarify the guidelines for teaching management on July 11, 2021. It is considered as a Kickoff activity in the beginning of the course of teaching management in a new dimension. There are more than 100 students interested in applying to study both domestically and internationally, according to the goals set by the course.

In addition, there are many people waiting to apply for further studies, which the program plans to open for applications for the 2nd semester in semester 2/2021. Classes will open in December 2021, with limited seats of only 100 seats, and in the 1st class After having started studying, the feedback was quite good because learners are convenient and comfortable, they can study at any time, anywhere, and in case they don't understand, they can still watch the video tutorial again.

>>> If anyone is interested in pursuing a bachelor's degree <<<

???? Able to inquire and take a trial lesson before making a decision.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2nd batch of students.

...waiting to follow the schedule on the page Don't miss it...!!!