Logistics and Supply Chain Management Master

                                                              Director of Master of Business Administration
                                                              Dr.Wissawa Aunyawong
                                                              Doctoral :  D.B.A. (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
                                                              Master : M.Sc. International Business and Entrepreneurship International Program,Malardalen University, Sweden
                                                              Bachelor : B.B.A. International Business Management International Program,University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
                                                              Web : http://www.elcls.ssru.ac.th/wissawa_au
                                                              E-mail : wissawa.au@ssru.ac.th 
Ass.Prof.Dr. Natapat Areerakulkan
Doctoral : Ph.D. Industrial Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.
Master  : Ms. Industrial Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA.
Bachelor :  B.S. Industrial Engineering, Kasetsart University
Web : http://www.elcls.ssru.ac.th/natapat_ar
E-mail : natapat.ar@ssru.ac.th

Asst.Prof.Dr.Komson Sommanawat
Doctoral  :  Ph.D. Logistics and Supply Chain Management Sripatum university
Master  :  M.Sc. Transportation and Logistics Management Burapha university
Bachelor   :  B.B.A Industrial Management Sripatum university
Web   :  http://www.elcls.ssru.ac.th/komson_so
E-mail  :  komson.so@ssru.ac.th

Ass.Prof.Dr.Preecha Wararatchai
Doctoral : Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chhain Management) University of South Australia
Master : Information and Technology University of Tasmania Australia
Master : Business Administration Siam University Bangkok Thailand
Bachelor : Art (Cultural Studies) Dhonburi Rajabhat University Bangkok Thailand
Web : http://www.elcls.ssru.ac.th/preecha_wa
E-mail : preecha.wa@ssru.ac.th
Dr. Natpatsaya Setthachotsombut
Doctoral : Ph.D  Doctor of Philosophy in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Sripatum University
Master  : MS.IT. Master of Science in Information Technology, Sripatum University
Bachelor : B.B.A. Business Administration in Business Computer, Sripatum University
Web : http://www.elcls.ssru.ac.th/natpatsaya_se
E-mail : natpatsaya.se@ssru.ac.th

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Vinai Panjakajornsak
Doctoral :  Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), University of South Australia
Master : Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), University of Texas, U.S.A.
Bachelor : Bachelor of Political Science (B.A.), Chulalongkorn University
Web : https://elcls.ssru.ac.th/vinai_pa
E-mail : vinai.pa@ssru.ac.th