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Introducing New Course in Line with Thailand 4.0 for Students Who Like Novelty

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2019-01-14 15:21:18

Introducing new course in line with Thailand 4.0 for students who like novelty

Course for developing new type of graduates, Work Integrated Learning: WIL

Logistics Management for Online Business

The strength of this course is students can study while receiving real work training in the private sector. This course will help develop quality graduates who can work and help drive the economy which is in line with Thailand 4.0 policy. There is also partnership with the private sector to help develop professional personnel with high potential.

Why did we open this course?

This is an era where online shopping is at people's finger tip. This reflects the future of traditional retailers who will no longer play the main role in product delivery to consumers. When there's a massive value of buyers and sellers, distributors will play a crucial role in distributing and delivering goods. Therefore, business operators in logistics have to lay out  a new business platform to respond to the need of online sellers in distributing products to consumers. As a result, business operators requires personnel specialising in online business logistics to help support the tremendous growth of the online business platform.

Why choose this course?

- A new course which develops a new type of graduates with high potential

- Duration of the course is 3 years only

- 50% learning in college

- 50% learning in work training in organizations

- Reduce risks of unemployment after graduation

- Respond to labor market in business with high growth

- Focus on learning Advance Excel

- Focus on learning business communication English

- Enhance learning experience by work training in organizations